The Potty-Mouth Princesses Are Talking Domestic Violence, and this Time with More Shock Value

Remember the Potty-Mouth Princess Posse, a group of kick-ass little girls who dropped F-bombs to raise awareness about gender inequality and the pay gap? Well, they’re back, and this time they’ve got their sights set on domestic violence. The video comes from FCKH8, a t-shirt company that aims to raise awareness of racism, sexism, and homophobia. The video really revs up the shock factor, because if hearing little girls curse wasn’t enough to get you riled up and ready to spring into action, now those same adorable feminists are sporting bruises, cuts, and scars — fake ones, of course.

The video opens with a little girl dressed as your stereotypical domestic abuser: stained wife beater, slicked back hair, what looks to be a 40 in hand, you get the picture. She says, “Hey! What do you tell a woman with two black eyes? Nothin’! You already told her twice!” It just gets more outrageous from there.

When FCKH8 debuted their first video, many people accused the company of exploiting children to sell T-shirts, and more people were upset that these little girls had to be “corrupted” into yelling curse words, thereby missing the point completely. (Not to mention, the girls in the video range from ages 6-12. I’m pretty sure I knew what the F-word meant by the time I turned 10, so can we all chill out?)

I was sure that this time around, the masses would be more upset by the graphic makeup than the cursing, but nope, they're still mad about the F-word. As I’m writing this, the video has already garnered over 7,000 shares on Facebook and tons of comments, many to the effect of, “Yeah, but couldn’t we have gotten the same point across without the cursing?” (No). So in case you were curious where our priorities lie, now you know. I’m clapping it up over here.


Even if you're more offended by the profanity than you are moved by the cause, I think we can all agree that domestic violence needs attention, and these girls are bringing it. Watch the video for yourself.

Images: FCKH8 / Vimeo; Giphy