Daniel Franzese + Taylor Swift + Shake 'n Bake = The Best "Shake It Off" Parody Ever — VIDEO

Even though we've all moved on to "Blank Space," there's still room for Daniel Franzese's parody of Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off." This scene-for-scene video features plenty of dancing — including some twerking in a onesie from Franzese — but isn't just about letting loose. Instead, it's about using "Shake and Bake" for Thanksgiving dinner after being abandoned by family and friends. Thankfully, no one shoves a whole turkey into a Ziploc bag to shake around, but they do use an interesting mix of meat to shake, shake, shake.

After the success of Franzese and Adrian Anchondo's "Stay With Me" parody "Please Go Home," they really upped the ante with the T. Swift song. There is a large group of people dancing and shake-and-baking (including someone dressed up just like Swift in her ballet attire), plus some fantastic lyrics from the duo like "gonna watch my tummy grow" and "can't stop, won't stop boozing this box of wine." And as for that epic rap? Instead of "this sick beat," we now have "this sick meat," of course, and a pilgrim and a Native American meeting instead of Swift seeing a guy with hella good hair. Now we can all have the best Thanksgiving ever while singing "Shake and Bake" at the dinner table. It's just another thing that Mean Girls fans say.

Adrian Anchondo on YouTube