'Mean Girls' Star Daniel Franzese Flips Sam Smith's "Stay With Me" In the Best Way — VIDEO

Sam Smith's single "Stay With Me" is an emotional ballad documenting one man's attempt to drag out his one night stand just a little bit longer. It's a pretty big hit. Daniel Franzese, also known as Damien from Mean Girls , has made a "Stay With Me" parody, which is taking on the task of portraying the flip side of the coin: Desperately wanting your one night stand to get the heck out of your house so you can get on with your life.

"Please Go Home," ever relatable, brings to life that feeling that can come after prolonged interactions of any kind, sexual or platonic: The desire for this other human to leave your space so you can surf Netflix without the judging glare of another person. This is all of course exacerbated when you're dealing with a clingy stranger.

Alongside Franzese, the video features the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus and actor Adrian Anchondo — also known as the man behind "Dunkin' Love," which took Beyonce's "Drunk In Love" and turned it into a song about Dunkin' Donuts. He's really got a pulse on the id of America, that Anchondo. Good work.

Image: Adrian Anchondo/Youtube