How Tall Is Layton from 'Are You The One?' Let's Just Say He'd Make Taylor Swift Look Short

There are a lot of reasons to love my favorite guilty pleasure show, Are You The One? — mostly because who wouldn't love watching 11 strangers try to find their perfect match? The show also brings in a whole new generation of MTV reality stars to fall in love with, but since the group from AYTO's second season has only been searching for love on our screens for a couple of months, we haven't had the chance to get to know them too well. I like a lot of guys in the house, but I'm not so sure about Layton Jones, especially after seeing him profess his love to Ashley and then turn around and hit the Boom Boom Room with Jessica on Monday night's episode. But while I was watching him argue with Dario, I couldn't help but wonder, how tall is Layton anyway?

Thanks to the fact that Layton played football for his alma mater, Ole Miss, in 2011, his height was super easy to access. According to the school's bio about his football career, Layton stands at 6'4". Unless, of course, he's grown since then, but I don't think that's happened. Layton's a tall dude, and since I'm a full-fledged short girl, standing just under five feet tall, I have big plans to never stand beside Layton in my life, ever. And if I do, I'm wearing heels. I'm inclined to think that Ashley's pretty short, too, since in scenes where she and Layton are both standing, he practically dwarfs her.

Now that this short-lived mystery is solved, can we discuss Layton's Halloween costume this year, courtesy of his Instagram?

Actually, maybe we shouldn't discuss it, because I'm rendered speechless. Maybe I should be surprised less by this costume than I am, considering the fact that Layton is from Nashville and doesn't exactly try to hide his southern twang. The worst part, though, is that his cowboy hat isn't just for Halloween. In fact, judging by the rest of his Instagram posts, you'll catch him in that hat more often than not.

Fingers crossed that if Ashley is in fact his match — something that Layton seems pretty darn sure of — she's a big fan of country music and cowboy garb. I see a lot of it in her future if they head into the truth booth and find out Layton was right.

Image: MTV