Dave Matthews Feels Feelings

Truth be told, recommending that you all watch a Sesame Street clip is the last thing I thought I would be doing with my day, but this clip is just so damn cute, I can't help but demand everyone go watch it now. It features Dave Matthews (who, along with Bon Iver, is the absolute king of singing about PAIN) and a cute little blue muppet named Grover, talking about feeling, well, feelings. Then he sings about it, and even with Grover's random, raspy interjections, it's kind of a catchy song. Damn you, Dave Matthews.

The clip starts off with Dave, who is — unsurprisingly — sitting on a stoop with his trusty banjo, looking all pensive and sad. Grover walks up, and the two talk a little about how mope-y they feel, before Dave suggests they cheer themselves up the only way he knows how: By singing a sad, but so damn beautiful tune about feeling feelings.

And they do, and it's wonderful. This clip just proves it: Dave Matthews is probably one of the only people who can get grown men and women to watch Sesame Street, along with Will Arnett when he's playing a magician who is definitely not G.O.B. from Arrested Development.

You can check out the clip below.