Kim Kardashian Iphone Game Adds Kris Jenner, But Will She Replace Manager Simon?

It was only a matter of time before Momager Kris Jenner was immortalized in Kim Kardashian's iPhone Game. She basically can't live with herself if she's not commanding attention or copying her daughters in some way. So when a popup in the game announced Jenner will stop by starting December 1, I wasn't surprised. The reality TV matriarch will invite users to complete quests in honor of the (Red) campaign to raise awareness for HIV/AIDS. That's an important cause so it's cool to see the Kardashians get involved, but what does Jenner's digital appearance mean for the in-game manager Simon?

He's been my trusty supervisor since I started at the bottom working in a clothes boutique. Over the months he's told me about his indigestion, his unmanageable teenage daughter, and mixed up quite a few slang words. But as out-of-touch as he might be, he's always there to offer a job or land me a meeting with some Hollywood bigwigs. I've grown to love Simon and I worry what Kris Jenner's presence means for him.

Will he get the boot and be replaced with Kris? I mean, I am an international superstar now. Maybe I'm supposed to move on to an A-list managing team. The game's announcement of Kris' impending arrival didn't specify how long she would be staying which leaves a lot up to chance.

Maybe she'll only be in the game for a little while, or maybe she really is stepping in to take Simon's job. It would be cool to have the same manager the Kardashian sisters have, but I think I would miss Simon if that happened.

Hopefully though, Simon won't go without a fight. He may be clueless, but he seems like he's willing to have a manager vs. momager showdown to keep his job. And honestly, that would be super entertaining and kind of beneficial to me. It would be like when all those strip clubs were trying to win Barney Stinson's patronage in How I Met Your Mother. Each one just kept giving him better gifts to outdo the others. Maybe Simon and Kris will each try to get me cooler jobs to win my favor. Perhaps I'll land a Vogue cover like Kimmy herself.

I'll have to wait until December 1 to see how this all goes down—but if I was betting on anyone to come out on top, it'd be Simon. He seems scrappy and he's been by my side this whole time. Kris is Kool, but I'm loyal to Simon forever.