Why Isn't Simon Calling In The Kardashian Game?

As usual, one of my life's greatest questions of the week has become something related to Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. Don't look at me like that, if you've been playing this game for as long as I have, you know exactly the inner monologue I'm talking about. How do they expect me to get 600 event stars before Halloween? Why does my spouse still insult my fashion sense even now that we're married and I spent over $1000 on this dinner? WHY DOESN'T KIM CALL ME MORE OFTEN — I THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS??? The Kardashian game 2.0 update is a slippery slope — sure, my avatar can get married and babies might be coming to KK: H , but things have gotten significantly more difficult. Including my relationship with my trusty yet blissfully confused manager Simon, who just won't call me about jobs in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood .

There was once a time where I felt like Simon called me too often. Like when I had six jobs lined up that I was sure I'd die before I completed them. But, in the past few weeks — ever since KK: H got all festive for Halloween — Simon just hasn't called when a task became available. Like, at all. Normally this wouldn't concern me because I'm so busy taking my spouse on unnecessary dates and/or doing other challenges. But, once I finished all of those things and did the standard tricks to get Simon to call and still nothing, I was getting dangerously close to a diva tantrum.

I know what you're probably thinking: Why wouldn't I just call Simon? Well, here's why — awhile ago, I accidentally called Simon because I was feeling overzealous about getting to my next task (that A-list status wasn't going to happen on its own) and ended up having to use something like 12 K-stars to start the challenge. 12 K-STARS!!!! As you could probably guess, I was DISTRAUGHT. Those things are hard to come by and I really wanted a new hairstyle. So, I completely wrote-off calling Simon as an option, instead, I chose to stay safe and wait for him to call.

Apparently, my fear was for naught because YOU CAN CALL SIMON. And that's exactly what I did on Wednesday afternoon, after it was already too late to complete my newlyweds' photoshoot at Muse Magazine in NYC. Which prompted yet another inner monologue. God, Christine, you can't let fear ruin your career. What would Kim Kardashian do (WWKKD?) All of this "couple" stuff is ruining everything for me. So, how exactly do you call your manager?

First, you're going to tap on one of the tasks on the lefthand side of your screen and then you're going to click on the "call now" button. (I'd advise that you wait until it says that the task is "available now" before you click, just incase.)

Just like that, Simon will call you and offer to "bump that up" so you can get started on the task (hopefully before your time window runs out). And that's it, no K-stars required. Which was quite the relief for me after my earlier episode with the Kardashian game. I'm still not convinced, however, that Simon's negligence is a coincidence — when Kim Kardashian: Hollywood's 2.1 update arrives, we're totally going to be prompted to fire Simon and sign with Kardashian Klan leader and world-famous momager herself, Kris Jenner. And, unfortunately, I'll have to do exactly what Kim Kardashian would do. My fame is too important to have to call my manager, sorry, Simon.

Images: Kim Kardashian: Hollywood (3)