Instagram User @marcbutcavage Has Created an Entire Thanksgiving Dinner in Cocktails

If you’ve ever wished you could literally drink your way through Thanksgiving, guess what? Now you can, thanks to a series of Thanksgiving-themed cocktails dreamed up by an Instagram user going by the name @marcbutcavage. I’m not kidding, either — he’s actually mixed up nine different cocktails, with each one representing a different Thanksgiving dish. True, not all of them tickle my boozy taste buds… but I’m willing to overlook the yuck factor, because I mean, seriously, you guys. When was the last time you got this creative with your cocktails? I can’t usually be bothered to mix myself up a regular martini, let alone a “Dirty Green Bean Martini.”

I have been able to discover comparatively little about the genius behind these strange and fascinating creations; according to my fair-to-middling powers of Google-Fu, however, @marcbutcavage is Marc Butcavage, a filmmaker and bartender who currently mixes up cocktails and other tasty beverages at Brooklyn’s MyMoon Restaurant and Bar. Late on Monday night, he began posting a series of photos on Instagram under the heading “Liquid Thanksgiving”—or, as he described it in the image that acts as a title page for the series, “A cocktail for every part of Thanksgiving dinner. Replicate with caution. #cocktails #bartending #thanksgiving.” Here are a few of my favorites; head on over to @marcbutcavage's page on Instagram for the whole set. After all, it's perfectly OK to drink through the holidays, right?

Roasted Turkey

Because you can’t have Thanksgiving without turkey. For the curious, “Gravy Master” is a “browning and seasoning sauce.” (I had to look it up, as I have never before encountered such a thing. It sounds both useful and a little bit terrifying.)


If you like your cocktails savory, this one’s for you.

Mashed Potatoes

Straight vodka just isn’t mashed enough.

Gravy Shooter

…I’ll pass on this one.

Smoked Cranberry Sauce

This one, however? That actually sounds quite nice. One, please!

Yam Shooter

The yam shooter actually doesn't sound so bad, either. A little sweet, perhaps, but it’s kind of hard to go wrong with vanilla vodka and some sort of weird, sugary canning syrup.

Images: @marcbutcavage/Instagram (6)