Jennifer Aniston Pranks BBC Journalist & The Results Are Hilarious (For Everyone Except Him, Anyway) — VIDEO

As cringeworthy as this interview prank is for the poor, unsuspecting journalist who's conducting the whole thing, you've got to admit — it's pretty hilarious if you're literally anyone other than him. As part of her interview to promote Horrible Bosses 2 on BBC Radio 1, Jennifer Aniston agreed to pretend to be, literally, the worst interviewee ever as part of a prank that the station was playing on her interviewer, Chris Stark.

The set-up was simple: Basically, Stark (who you may remember as the same guy who conducted that awkward/hilarious Mila Kunis interview that went viral a while back!) was instructed before the interview by his BBC Radio 1 bosses to ask Aniston a specific, sexist question relating to her Horrible Bosses 2 character: "You character's quite forward. If you want to make the first move with a guy, how do you do it?" Aniston though, unbeknownst to Stark, had also been previously instructed about the question — but she was told to respond to it as viciously as possible. Being an actress, Aniston, of course, gives it her all, and let me tell you: If you thought Stark's interview with Kunis was awkward, you have not seen anything yet.

I do feel a little bad for Stark by the end because he seems so genuinely shaken up by the experience (I guess, as a journalist myself, I can identify with the poor guy), but it's sort of a short-lived sympathy — the prank is too funny for it not to be. You can check out the interview below.

BBC Radio 1 on YouTube