'Jurassic World' Trailer Confirms Judy Greer Always Delivers the Best Lines in Her Movies

As Cary Grant would say, "Judy, Judy, Judy." If you've watched the Jurassic World trailer, then you probably noticed Judy Greer appears at the beginning. Of course, she doesn't seem to be the leading lady, but rather just playing a small part. However, despite that disappointing detail, Greer never fails at being hilarious or giving the best advice — just like she does in the trailer. It opens with Greer talking to two kids — Are they hers? I'm not really sure, but it seems that way — and says, "I'm really proud of you for going on this trip. You're gonna have so much fun." Then, she adds jokingly, "And, remember, if something chases you, run." She might regret saying that, but her delivery is spot-on, per usual.

If you think about it, Greer's characters have some of the best quotes in most of her movies and small screen appearances. Being the sidekick (unlike her leading role in FX's Married ) doesn't mean you have to sit back and just follow someone else's lead, which is exactly what Greer does when she speaks her mind and offers up sound advice. Let's take a look at just a few of her educational tips and hilarious quotes perfect for any and all occasions.

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I need more Judy Greer in my life, stat.

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