Syfy's 'Bazillion Dollar Club' Docuseries Could Give 'Shark Tank' a Run For Its Money

As someone who spends a ridiculous amount of time watching the Real Housewives blow their purported riches on extravagant goods and services, I am fully prepared to embrace Syfy's new docuseries The Bazillion Dollar Club . Initially, the catchy the title is what caught my eye — bazillion is such a glittery word — but the show's focus is what really deserves the attention. According to The Hollywood Reporter, two companies headed up by venture capitalists Dave McClure and Brady Forest will help software and hardware start-ups hone their billion-dollar ideas and get them off the ground. Bazillion's six hour-long episodes don't hit airwaves until 2015, but the series just might give similar entrepreneurial shows like Shark Tank a run for their money.For one, Bazillion goes where Shark Tank doesn't — behind the scenes. To set the record straight, I thoroughly enjoy watching Shark Tank investors' merciless negotiations with the business owners who oftentimes squirm and sweat under the piercing glares of their potential investors. Another cool aspect of the show is being able to see the products that come from successful Shark Tank deals once they hit the market. (Ugly Christmas sweaters, anyone?) However, in the case of the entrepreneurs, it would be great to see what happened with their respective businesses before they arrived at the point of needing needing investors. According to a statement made by Syfy's senior vice president of alternative series development and production Heather Olander, the creative process will be a major part of The Bazillion Dollar Club, which in my opinion, adds to its overall appeal:

"The inventors that are part of Dave and Brady’s program are developing products and technology that seem like they are ripped straight from the world of sci-fi, but these innovations will be our future reality."

Count us in.