7 Gourmet Turkey Sandwiches To Make Using All Your Boring Thanksgiving Leftovers

When I was a kid, I knew exactly what was going to be in my lunchbox for at least the first week after Thanksgiving: a turkey sandwich with mayo and cheese. A side of sweet potatoes or stuffing, or whatever else there was an abundance of after our Turkey Day feast. Possibly a sliver of pie as a dessert. It was like reliving Thanksgiving all over again, except instead of being surrounded by family, I was sitting next to my clique of besties and dodging bits of food that was being flung across the room by two warring groups of boys.

Now, as a young adult, I still know what is going to be in my lunchbox in the days following Thanksgiving. Maybe some leftover ham if I can snag it before my cousin does. But probably a turkey sandwich. Mayo and cheese just like mom made it.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of the monotonous old post-Thanksgiving food rut I seem to fall into every year. Over it. Done. Finito. Bai. These recipes are what I should’ve been eating all those years when I sadly accepted (or made) my turkey sandwich. Now, my taste buds are tricked into thinking I’m eating something that’s definitely not a turkey sandwich. And honestly, that’s not a bad thing. Here are seven creative ways to use up your leftover Thanksgiving bird this year.

Turkey “Hot Brown” Sandwich

Finding a Kentucky “Hot Brown” where I’m from is the equivalent of finding a unicorn. Now I don’t have to go on a hangry search when I want one; the folks over at The Kitchn show us how — using Thanksgiving leftovers no less!

Image: The Kitchn

Roast Turkey Cuban Sandwich

Cranberry sauce makes a guest appearance in this roast turkey Cuban sandwich by Kevin over at Closet Cooking. The Cuban is perfect for those days when you go through Thanksgiving-inspired food withdrawals.

Image: Closet Cooking

Roast Turkey Sandwich with Artichoke Tapenade

Spinach, artichokes, and red peppers make this sandwich the perfect healthy choice for your day-after-Thanksgiving hunger pangs. I also had zero idea how to make a tapenade, but Closet Cooking makes it look easy.

Image: Closet Cooking

Grilled California Turkey Club Sandwich

There’s a good chance that the ingredients you need to make this sandwich are already sitting in your fridge. With just a few additions, Mom On Time Out takes the typical turkey sandwich from “yum” to YUMMMMMMMM!!!!! in .5 seconds.

Image: Mom On Time Out

Turkey Pesto Panini

Pesto is one of my many loves. And paninis take every sandwich from good to perfection. Imagine my excitement when I saw this gorgeous yet simple turkey pesto panini on Damn Delicious. I almost didn’t want to wait until Thanksgiving to try it.

Image: Damn Delicious

Turkey Crepes

Crepes don’t always have to be filled with Nutella, bananas, and a squirt of whipped cream. Nor do they only have to be made by a street vendor in Paris. Want to know how to make the perfect crepe yourself? Check out Natasha’s Kitchen, then throw in some leftover turkey for a divine Friday treat.

Image: Natasha’s Kitchen

Turkey Enchiladas

This dish combines the best of Thanksgiving (turkey and cranberry sauce) to create a deliciously different Mexican favorite. So it may not be a sandwich per se, but who wouldn’t want to eat these turkey cranchiladas from Branny Boils Over?

Image: Branny Boils Over