What's on TV on Thanksgiving? Don't Worry, There's More Than the Parade & Football

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Thanksgiving is a big holiday with big expecations. You get a four-day weekend (if you're lucky) to gorge yourself on a big dinner, watch lots of TV, then eat more turkey, and get up early to shop for holiday deals. Most of the TV expected from Turkey Day are the two mainstays: football and the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. They've always been on during Thanksgiving Thursday, and probably always will be. But those two aren't the only offerings airing that day — there's plenty more TV to watch on Thanksgiving, from dog shows to Charlie Brown and CBS comedy favorites.

How will you choose? Or have you already chosen football? We have bad news if it's the latter — the NFL game between Seattle and San Francisco will have to end and crown a victor at some point, so you should be prepared with what options you'll fill your non-turkey-eating, non-pigskin time with after the final touchdown. You could choose something new, something special, or something that's a rerun — it's up to you. Check out this handy slideshow guide to all your possible Thanksgiving Thursday TV options to go with your turkey, tofurky, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, and gravy (food not included).

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