What's the Song in the FIAT Gran Finale Commerical? Yup, It's a Gwen Stefani Tune — VIDEO

The other night, something happened that prompted me to consider opening my window and toss my computer out in front of a moving vehicle. Why? Because the Internet didn’t interrupt me while I was scrolling through nail art blogs to let me know there's a new Gwen Stefani song hanging out in the webosphere. Instead, the Internet just kept letting me do my thing. The Internet betraaaaaayed meeeeeeee! You know who was kind enough to provide me with my first listen of the new tune? A FIAT ad. Thanks for looking out, FIAT ad! Cruis'n USA: The Cities Named After Italian Cities Edition, er, FIAT's latest TV spot features Gwen Stefani’s “Spark the Fire”. The track is the follow-up single to "Baby Don't Lie", and it is the second song the No Doubt frontwoman has released since 2006.

What did I do after I saw that commercial? I promptly headed over to a FIAT dealership and purchased a new car! Oh, wait. That’s not at all what happened. Here's what I actually did post-ad: I pulled up the song on the Internet (good thing I thought better of throwing my laptop out in front of that truck) and played it all the way through. The verdict: It was love at first listen.

"Spark the Fire" features staccato shout-singing from Gwenny Gwen Gwen and a very Pharrell sound. And by "very Pharrell sound," I mean the song was produced by Stefani's longtime collaborator/Voice costar. (And by "Voice costar," I don't mean one of the spinning chairs. I mean Pharrell. Just wanted to make that clear). Like Pharrell-produced Stefani tracks "Yummy" and "Wind It Up", "Spark the Fire" got me feelin' hella good, so I'm gonna keep on dancing.


UGH, I really cannot wait for her third album.

Image: FIAT