From Miss Piggy To Mercedes Jones, Here Are 11 Plus Size Characters Whose Wardrobes I Would Love to Raid Right Now

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When it comes to media portrayal of plus-size women and men, the fact is that we are rarely depicted positively. On the occasions we are actually featured, we generally fall into one of three categories: the undesirable best friend; the designated "comic relief"; or worse, a headless torso on a fat body — usually in accompaniment to articles on obesity. In the end, this constant negative depiction has a hugely detrimental effect on our body image as individuals.

There seems to be a misconception out there that giving a fat character a positive role is somehow "glorifying obesity," which would obviously be the worst thing ever. But whenever anyone is accused of committing this heinous crime, chances are that what they are actually doing is simply living their lives, without being limited by size or weight.

For me, it's incredibly important to see positive plus-size role models in my everyday life. I want characters who show young people that they can do or be anything that they want regardless of body type. When I was growing up, this was something I felt was truly lacking in the mainstream media. And although I'm glad to say that things appear to be improving (as the characters in this slideshow will prove, as well as the plus-size celebrities out there who are doing awesome things), things could always be better.

But today, I would like to celebrate those plus-size icons who TURN. IT. OUT. So here are 11 of my favorite fictional fatties, with highly covetable wardrobes to boot.

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