New 'Parks and Rec' Season 6 Trailers!

Just when I thought that Parks and Recreation couldn't get any better than it already was, they go and film a season premiere in London and make Andy Dwyer speak in the worst British accent you've ever heard. This show is flawless. Ahead of the series' Season 6 opener in two weeks, NBC has released three new promos Parks and Recreation 's one-hour premiere, and though they're only thirty seconds each in length, they do a great job of giving us a good look at what to expect when the Pawnee gang hops across the pond.

As for what Leslie Knope and co. are doing in London: Leslie heads to the UK to accept an award for outstanding women in international government, and also to escape some controversy that has people making signs like "NOPE TO KNOPE." Which, you have to admit, is a super witty sign.

Of course, everyone else goes with her — even Ron, who is the most American-y American you'll ever meet. Obviously, he hates it, and judges everything but that's why it's so great. Heidi Klum is also there, for some reason, and she shares an awkward laugh with Leslie.

Parks and Rec won't return to our lives until Sept. 26, but until then, you can check out the three new promos below: