How Does Tom Hiddleston Feel About His Fans?

Whenever a group of fans gives themselves a name is can go one of two ways. Either the celeb is totally stoked to be the leader of a pack, or they're slightly creeped out by it. We know Benedict Cumberbatch wishes his "Cumberbitches" would change their name. (In the name of feminism, of course.) But how does Tom Hiddleston feel about his fans? For his part, Hiddleston loves the "Hiddlestoners" and their creative name.

In 2011 after he first started his rise to Tumblr fame, Vulture asked him how he felt about his legion of fans donning themselves the "Hiddlestoners." As a member of that group myself, I think the name is funny—especially when people caught up in the Loki crazy started proclaiming they were "Hiddlestoned on Lokaine." (Get it? Drugs aren't funny, but Loki is, so it's OK.)

Fortunately Hiddleston is just as proud of his fan base as we are to be in it. "I'm flattered. They're amazing. The Hiddlestoners are an extraordinary group of people," he told Vulture. He's even alright with the term "Hiddleboner" which he describes as "something that happens to you if you're a Hiddlestoner."

I have nothing against Cumberbatch wanting his fandom name to change. I totally get where he's coming from in not wanting girls to call themselves his bitches. But it's a relief to know that Hiddleston is perfectly OK with his fandom name. In fact, he's even proud of those who thought it up.

"That's kind of amazing, isn't it? The [fans are] very articulate, very creative," he continued telling the reporter. "Listen, I get letters from some of the Hiddlestoners, and it's some of the most articulate, eloquent writing I've ever read. I should be so lucky that I have an army of followers. My goodness."

Aww. Not only does he like us, but he's defending us and our intelligence. So next time someone makes fun of you for being a mega fan of something, just remember that Tom Hiddleston approves. What more do you need than that?

Images: thankyoutomhiddles, captainsilasmccoy/Tumblr