5 Hilariously Misheard One Direction Lyrics Because They Can't Be Singing About Farts, Right?

It's kind of hard to understand what One Direction's saying sometimes — not because they've got adorable British accents, but sometimes you can't stop thinking about what it'd be like to date them to focus. It's OK, we've all been there and, in my case, I've been there more than once. But, Harry Styles' great and powerful man bun aside, sometimes the boys' accents do get in the way and leave you thinking, "Did they just say what I think they did?" One Direction won Artist of the Year at the 2014 AMAs, but that doesn't make them immune to misheard lyrics. Hey, it's probably something new BFFs Harry Styles and Taylor Swift joke about all time now ("Starbucks Lovers," anyone?).

Look, most of the time One Direction has absolutely perfect diction — probably because they don't want to get labeled as "those English guys that no one can understand." And I'm immensely proud of them for that. Mostly because it makes it really easy for me to sing along with them and a stadium full of Directioners without skipping a beat because I can't stop staring at Harry's hair. But, sometimes, words slip through the cracks and the excitement of having some of the best songs in existence — they do have a song called "Best Song Ever," for crying out loud.

So, when you're done basking in the glory of Harry's man bun, here are 5 funny (and somewhat paranoid) misheard lyrics from One Direction songs.


OneDirectionVEVO on YouTube

Time: 1:17

Misheard Lyrics: "I would never turn your heart into broken farts."

Actual Lyrics: "I would never turn your heart into broken parts."

Notes: Ugh, please don't turn my heart into farts, 1D. Also, are they saying my heart smells bad? They'd never say that about me, right? RIGHT??

"Best Song Ever"

OneDirectionVEVO on YouTube

Time: 0:25

Misheard Lyrics: "Straight into my heart and stomach."

Actual Lyrics: "Straight into my heart and stole it."

Notes: I mean, if you imagine that 1D is singing this song about a pizza, it makes perfect sense.

"Midnight Memories"

OneDirectionVEVO on YouTube

Time: 1:00

Misheard Lyrics: "Five foot-something with the skin and chins."

Actual Lyrics: "Five foot-something with the skinny jeans."

Notes: I have no idea how I screwed these lyrics up. There are no excuses for me now.

"Ready To Run"

OneDirectionVEVO on YouTube

Time: 3:12

Misheard Lyrics: "Dissed on, I'm ready to run."

Actual Lyrics: "This time, I'm ready to run."

Notes: Maybe this is just me being defensive because people are constantly dissing 1D. And, I mean, you can only be dissed so many times before you want to GTFO of whatever toxic environment you're in.

"Steal My Girl"

OneDirectionVEVO on YouTube

Time: 3:44

Misheard Lyrics: "I'll never let another tickle her for me now."

Actual Lyrics: "I'll never let another take her love from me now."

Notes: Yeah, I'd never let another person tickle my SO either but I can understand why that'd be something you'd have to assure them of. Especially if they hate being tickled.