19 Seriously Cute Thanksgiving And Fall Inspired Manicures on Instagram... Because, You Know, Having "Fingers In Many Pies" Is Important

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I love nail art. As someone with a stash of approximately 150 bottles of nail polish (I have been a collector of sorts for quite some time), I find nail art not only adorable, expressive and fun, but also a great way to justify owning all of the colors I never get to use!

Although I am British and don't celebrate Thanksgiving, I decided to get into the festive spirit of this fourth Thursday of November. The end result: finding you the cutest holiday manicures Instagram has to offer. You can find even more using the hashtags #thanksgivingnails or #thanksgivingmani if you need further seasonal inspo!

Some of these manicures definitely seem possible to recreate. Others... not so much.

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