Cute Animal Face Fashion Is Trending, So Here Are 19 Items That Are Sure To Bring You Into Adorable-ness Overdrive

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When I was young, I was obsessed with animal cuteness. I was hooked to any television show featuring talking critters (Care Bears FOR LIFE!). I owned more stuffed animals than a girl could dare to dream of. And pretty much everything I owned (that didn't have a princess on it, that is) donned a precious creature — be it a puppy, kitten, bunny, unicorn or other fluffy, disgustingly-cute character. I mean, what little girl wouldn't want to walk around wearing d'awww-inspiring clothing that makes everyone fawn over her? Or was/is that really just me?

I held onto the cuteness of childhood as hard and as long as I could, because I knew that eventually — one sad, dark day — I would be pushed into that dreadfully boring form of existence known as adulthood, and I would have to reluctantly give up my cute and fluffy animal-wearing ways. Because grown women just don't wear that sort of thing. Right?

Oh, how young, naive and wrong I was — for low and behold, animal face fashion made a universal comeback as of last year. Come this fall, though, the aggressive lions and toothy sharks have been replaced with the cuteness factor. And it has taken hold of us all: the kids and grown-ups alike!

Animal-inspired clothing and accessories have started creeping into every aspect of the industry you could think of, including sweaters, jewelry, and even fragrances. Cuteness is in and these fashionable treats are not just for the kids anymore!

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