9 Holiday Cheeses You Need On Your List To Make The Season Bright For Everyone

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Steaming pots of hot chocolate, Baileys with coffee, chestnuts roasted over open fires, festive plates of cheese... if there was ever one thing worth celebrating during the holiday season, it'd be the food. Gifts aside, the holiday season draws us all inside, out of the cold and into each other's arms. So what better way to mark all that togetherness than with heaping plates of all your favorite comfort food?

Cakes and cookies may draw a crowd, but if you truly want to talk about what makes the Yuletide gay, you need to talk about cheese. It's the real bringer-togetherer of families, distant relatives, and friends. It not only makes the perfect centerpiece for any table setting, it's also the world's most heavenly stocking stuffer and gift. Some people ask for iTunes gift cards, clothes, movie tickets, and certificates they can use toward their favorite stores — but not you.

You're a real cheese lover. You're a real cheese diehard. You know what to put on your list for Santa — and you put it twice so he (and Aunt Ethel) won't just gloss over it. These nine satisfyingly sweet, savory, and delicious cheeses need to make an appearance on your list — for giving and receiving.

Make the people around you better by giving the gift of good cheese this year.

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