Will There Be a 'Frozen' Sequel?

With all the ongoing frenzy surrounding Disney's Frozen, anyone it's almost difficult to believe that it's been an entire year since we followed Kristoff, Olaf the snowman and princess Anna on their journey to find Anna's icy sister Elsa. The insanely popular Disney film has amassed a huge following that doesn't appear to be dwindling anytime soon, and this next bit of news is bound to bring the Frozen fever to an entirely new level. Actress-singer Idina Menzel, who voiced Elsa for both dialogue and song in the film, revealed that a Frozen sequel is on its way.

That's right: According to Menzel herself, Frozen 2. Is. On.

According to MTV, the Broadway star confirmed news of a Frozen stage musical, a six-minute short film titled Frozen Fever and a sequel to the blockbuster movie in an interview with The Telegraph . Details are still scarce the moment — Menzel couldn't even confirm her involvement with the second full-length release, only saying, "Not the stage show — I don’t know what will happen with that — but the movie hopefully. We’ll see. I’m just going along for the ride."

Though it's not absolute confirmation, since it's still really early, let's hope she officially signs on to resume her role soon. After all, fans probably don't want to hear anyone else belting out the high notes to "Let it Go," even though they'll probably just be ecstatic to embark upon a new sisterhood adventure involving Anna and Elsa.

Now, I don't know about you, but I'm fairly sure there's no better way to celebrate this news than with a Frozen sing-along.

Image: Disney/YouTube