This "Pregnant Turkey" Prank Will Remind You That Family Holiday Time Is All About Having Fun At Each Other's Expense—VIDEO

This just in: You weren't the only one who had a massive food baby during Thanksgiving. In fact, this seems like a good moment to raise awareness for the food baby phenomenon, because it doesn't just happen to humans, as demonstrated by this family who pranked a girl into thinking their Thanksgiving turkey was pregnant. This feat took a whole lot more planning than I am capable of: In order to successfully prank her, they cooked an entire cornish hen inside of the turkey. If I pulled that out of a fully cooked bird, I probably would have been thrown for a loop, too.

In case anyone out there watches this video and isn't entirely convinced that the turkey was not, in fact, pregnant at the time of cooking, I would like to take this opportunity to gently remind everyone that turkeys are not birthed like mammals, but rather are hatch from eggs. I wouldn't feel the need for this particular PSA except that, more often that not, I am the ridiculously gullible member of the family that gets embarrassingly hyped about blatant lies (although nothing I have ever fallen for beats the time The 1975 band member Matt Healy pranked the bejeezus out of Harry Styles).

Gullible or non-gullible humans of America, by today, you're probably on about your fifth round of Thanksgiving leftovers, so you're probably pretty sick of staring at turkey. But if you should summon the ability to look at one more, then watching this epic prank video is worth every ear-piercing "WHAT'S SO FUNNY?!" from the unwitting victim. And it is probably smart to watch it now, before it catches on and your family tries this trick on you next year:

Nerissa Hawkinson on YouTube

Image: YouTube