"Racists Getting Fired" Shows Online Racists Losing Their Jobs Over Hateful Words, And It Is Seriously the Greatest Tumblr in the World Right Now

For all the ugliness there is in this world (and there’s been a lot of it recently), there’s always someone or something trying to help balance out the situation. This week, Racists Getting Fired is filling that role. The Tumblr's main purpose is to document the workplace outings of racists who are stupid and arrogant enough to post their disgustingly bigoted thoughts on social media. Racists Getting Fired runs on submissions, so if you spot someone getting down with their racist, terrible self online, you can submit a screenshot of their offense(s) and their public profile, and the blog curator will look up where they work and then contacts their employer. Hooray vigilantism!

The Tumblr showcases screenshots of actual statuses, tweets, and messages that say things like, “I think we need to send a crew of white cops to fergison [sic] to shoot all the worthless n***** rioting there,” and other really horrible things I don’t even want to type out because a part of me desperately wants to believe the world isn’t this evil. But next to a bunch of these gross screenshots are messages and e-mails from employers that indicate their racist employee got fired or suspended without pay. So. Awesome. This concept exceeds brilliance, because while we can verbally fight back with these cretins, nothing hurts as bad as an empty bank account.

Unfortunately, the dude behind this is getting death threats, because of course he is. In a recent update, he stated:

i started [the blog] wednesday with the intention of only reblogging success posts (to give poc reprieve from the reality of racism in their lives).

however, i have also gotten lots of threats. i’ve gotten messages warning me that reddit people, 4chan ppl, and somethingsensitive.com ppl are attempting to dox me. i’ve gotten a message telling me i can get sued. i’ve gotten a message telling me people are trying to frame me by submitting posts that will get me in trouble if i publishing them. i’ve gotten several messages telling me doxxing is illegal. i’m getting a few very obvious fake empty tumblr’s following my personal blog.

In the post he also asks for everyone's advice: He wonders whether he could actually get sued for posting this information (I'm not sure, since all of the photos, messages, statuses, and phone numbers are all technically public? Not a lawyer, but I hope he's covered). If you have any suggestions, you can help by clicking here.

These are some examples of some Racists Getting Fired victories (Warning: Language is highly offensive and definitely NSFW):



3. "Karlee Rose"

Sorry y'all, it's just that no one likes a racist.

Images: Getty Images; Racists Getting Fired/Tumblr