No One Loves Books As Much As This 8-Year-Old Girl

Meet Madison Reid. Madison is obsessed with books. In this video, the 3rd grader explains her bibliobsession to reporter Jeff Reidel at the grand opening of the Little Free Library in Cleveland. After finding out she’s going to be on TV, Madison decides to give an impromptu speech (OK, it seems a little rehearsed, but who’s to say? Kids are so mentally agile, I wouldn’t doubt it if this little girl came up with a brilliant, enthusiastic three-minute speech on the spot) about why the world needs books.

With much gusto, Madison says, “The world needs books! What would the world be like without books? They fuel our mind like cars and gas! The cars can’t go without gas, our brains can’t go without books. The world needs books. We need books,” and winks over to the side to her fans like a true diva.

After Reidel says she’s now set the bar very high (this is truth—no one loves books like Madison loves books), Madison takes her dedication to the next level: “It would break my heart if one book was lost, just a page, just a word, just a letter, was gone, I would be heartbroken! What would the world do without books! It would be empty! Like a bucket without water. Like a brain without knowledge. Like a file cabinet without papers!” Girl has got some killer similes there.

The bottom line? We should all be cherishing our libraries and our literature like Miss Madison, who is bound to be our future president.

Image: Jeff Reidel/YouTube