Will Mama June & Sugar Bear Date Again?

Things went downhill quickly for the cast and family of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo after news spread that Mama June Shannon was reportedly dating the alleged rapist of her eldest daughter, Anna Cardwell, in October. Yet even before this disturbing story was made public when photos of Shannon and Mark McDaniel were released, the family had started experiencing problems a month earlier when Shannon and Sugar Bear separated due to his alleged secret online dating profiles. So you would think that with everything going on in their personal lives, they’d want to stay low key and take some time to reflect on their situation, but as it turns out, they’re doing quite the opposite: Mama June and Sugar Bear might get back together.

Though I don’t quite think that’s the right move on their part, Shannon reportedly told TMZ that Sugar Bear has returned home to live with her family again. However, Shannon also said that although Sugar Bear is back, they’re not officially dating again and that it would “take a lot of work” to earn back his trust after having had contact with McDaniel.

None of it really makes sense to me, and although I know that it’s difficult to understand anyone’s relationship with an outside perspective like my own, I think both parties should have stepped back to think about what they were doing before Sugar Bear moved in again. They’re both still dealing with their own issues and they need to think about what’s best for the rest of the family.