Watching This Little Girl Sneaks Her Pet Cow Into The House Almost Fixes Everything That's Wrong With The World—VIDEO

In this video, a mom walks in to find her daughter and a dairy cow in the middle of the porch. After asking exactly how their cow got in, the little girl crafts an adorably elaborate story about how the door was open, and that the cow just came in and pooped (but don’t worry, she cleaned it up). The girl also explains that she found her eating a bunch of things cows shouldn’t be eating, but that she stopped her. We later find out that the cow was probably let in because the girl was worried about a cut on the her leg, and that she might really be hurt. A thousand “awwww”s would not do this story justice.

At first, the mom who’s filming this seems pissed off (understandably), but you can tell her heart basically melts like ice cream after she sees how concerned her daughter is. “We should give her a blanket for her leg,” the girl suggests, and then cuddles up with the cow like they’re best friends. The moment is so wonderful and touching, even the cow’s stinky burping can’t ruin it. I think in the end, everyone is happy that the cow got to hang out inside for awhile.

PETA should probably use this video to convince everyone to stop eating meat because watching a girl snuggle up with a cow will seriously make you think twice before eating a cheeseburger. Even the mom realizes she can't go on eating cows anymore. She says, "We need to stop eating beef, you know that, don'tcha? I think she's gonna get me to stop eating beef for sure." The little girl might not be as aware of what "beef" is, because she replies, "'Cuz beef makes you tired." Well. Yeah, it does that, too.

Watch and feel your heart explode:

Billie Decker on YouTube

Image: Billie jo decker/YouTube