13 Tom Hiddleston Inspired Gifts For the Ultimate Fan

The holidays are fast approaching and finding out what to give your fellow fandom friend can be tricky. But fortunately if she's a Tom Hiddleston fan, there's a ton of Hiddlestoner merchandise just waiting to be purchased. From motivational posters to Loki-themed jewelry, there's something for everyone to guarantee a happy Hiddleston holiday season.

Motivational T-Shirt

Run Like Tom Shirt, $22, Look Human

Nothing can get you going at the gym like the promise of Tom Hiddleston.

Cardboard Cutout

Loki Cardboard Standup, $35, All Posters

A life-sized Loki is he perfect gift for any Avengers fan.

Relationship Status = Loki'd

Loki’d Shirt, $26, Red Bubble

Aren’t we all?

Burdened With Glorious Underwear

Loki Triple Panty Set, $18, Etsy

Sadly, this is probably as close as Hiddles will ever get to your unmentionables.

Loki Scarf

Loki Helmet Scarf, $15, Etsy

We all know Loki has a predilection for scarves, and now your friend can too!

Hiddlestoner Bag

Hiddleston’s Army Tote, $19, Red Bubble

Let your friend declare her love for Hiddleston to the world with this purse.

Hiddles Jewelry

Tom Hiddleston Earrings, $9, Etsy

Who wouldn’t want to wear Hiddles’ face on their earlobes?

Ehehehe Phone Case

iPhone Case, $25, Red Bubble

It’s Hiddleston wearing a flower crown. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Fan Art Calendar

Little Hiddles 2017 Calendar, $23, Red Bubble

The amazing artist Hashtag Genius’ #LittleHiddles sketches have been tweeted by Hiddleston himself. Now you can see a different drawing each month for all of 2017.

Loki Necklace

Loki Helmet Necklace, $19, Etsy

Keep Loki close to your heart with this helmet pendant.

Sassy Loki Cards

Greeting Cards, $3 each, Red Bubble

Help your friend write in style with these super sassy Loki cards.

Coloring Book

Colour Me Good Tom Hiddleston, $9, Amazon

Great for the artsy Hiddlestoners.

Motivational Poster

Love Your Life Print, $58, Red Bubble

Hiddleston’s wise words will inspire your pal to be the best version of herself.