'Young and the Restless' Star Corey Beaten Up on Thanksgiving After Asking Drivers to Stop Speeding

Thanksgiving is supposed to be a holiday filled with family togetherness and tons of food, but for Young and The Restless actor Corey Sligh, it turned into a horrifying nightmare — ending in Sligh being the victim of a hit and run. When Sligh and his girlfriend, Alicia Berhorst, were leaving a Los Angeles Rite-Aid after bringing a meal to a friend, he asked two men to stop doing donuts and speeding around the parking lot, and they didn't exactly take his request well. They responded by hitting Sligh with his car and then beating him up before fleeing the scene. According to a local LA CBS affiliate, LAPD later found the men after they crashed their car and they were arrested.

The good news? Although Sligh's multiple injuries include a broken arm that resulted in surgery, by all reports, he's going to be OK. And fortunately, Berghorst is fine, too, and relieved that the situation didn't escalate any further. Her description of what went down, which she gave CBS on November 28, is pretty troubling, though.

"The whole imagery of everything that happened last night is still very fresh and scary. They almost hit people in the parking lot. They were hitting curbs, and Cory said, 'Please slow down or we're gonna call the cops, just go home.' The guy walked up on him like, 'I'm in the mood to kill someone and this is who it's going to be because he told me to be careful and slow down and go away.' I'm thankful he's okay. I'm thankful we didn't get killed."

Sligh posted an Instagram update from the hospital in a photo that shows the 27-year-old actor laying in a hospital bed wearing a neck brace. Sligh looks pretty rough, but it's definitely good news that he's expected to make a full recovery. Here's hoping next Thanksgiving will be less eventful for him!

Image: CoreySligh/Instagram