Solange's Honeymoon Pics Are Almost Too Good

Even famous people, when they get married, come home from their honeymoon with photos. Solange Knowles brought back a honeymoon high fashion magazine shoot—in Instagram form, naturally. On November 16, Solange married video director Alan Ferguson and shortly after, the singer and her fruitfully bearded husband flew off to the Trancosco village on the Brazilian coast for two weeks. There, they chilled in a rustic, Etsy-inspired cottage (yeah, right; it's the other way around—Etsy is Brazil-inspired), swam in empyrean blue-green ocean (possibly naked), and wistfully looked out of a few windows. Ya know, as you do.

In short, Solange’s honeymoon was the celestial experience we all knew it would be. Her Instagram photos (which could seriously be contenders for an art show or at the very least an Anthropologie catalog) depict low-key, ethereal scenery from their lodging. Vintage wooden panels, turquoise everything, picture frames, conch shells, and worn furniture are all featured in the honeymoon collection.

And I haven’t even gotten to Solange’s outfits, which are endlessly divine. In one photo, Solange stands in front of a red building mid-blink (only she can look gorgeous while doing this, by the way) in a long, white button-down dress with purple plant patterns splashed across it. In another scene, she’s leaning out the window to a turquoise house wearing the most perfect top that was ever a top.

If you thought Beyoncé and Jay-Z were the only ones who knew how to make you green with vacation envy, think again. Not that it's a competition or anything, but Solange totally wins in terms of avante garde, earthy-luxurious post-nuptial photography. Sorry, Yoncé.

Image: Getty Images; Solange Knowles/Instagram