What's In That Bottle on 'Once Upon a Time'? 10 Things That Might "Fall" Into The Series

It's been a long two weeks without ABC's Once Upon a Time — yes, I still missed Storybrooke after the whirlwind roller coaster that was "Smash the Mirror Part 1 & 2." And for good reason because, somehow, OUAT Season 4 actually just keeps getting better. On Sunday night's "Fall," Elsa finally found Anna and Kristoff and, possibly, revealed what's coming in the second half of Season 4. While revealing Anna's fate in Arendelle, OUAT lingered on a bottle in the ocean. This show never does anything without a reason — so, while Anna and Elsa's reunion and the Spell of Shattered Sight are important, the only thing I can think about is, what's inside that bottle?

At this point — considering Anna's snowflake necklace was actually a wishing star this entire time and the key to reuniting the Frozen sisters — anything under the magical sun could be in that bottle. But naturally (aka based on extensive time spent thinking about OUAT on a daily basis), I've got a handful of ideas. Most of which float around potential new villains for Once Upon a Time Season 4 when it returns from its hiatus following the winter finale on Dec. 14. So sure, I'm happy that we're finally done looking for Anna, but that bottle from the sea is easily the most important thing "Fall" presented OUAT fans with.

So, what the heck is inside of it?

  • Anna and Elsa's Parents (hopefully not because that would be creepy)
  • Ursula
  • Captain Jack Sparrow's Essence (aka a bottle of rum)
  • Another Wonderland Crossover
  • The lost history of Elsa & Anna's family (again, hopefully not because they are the worst)
  • The answer to: How tall is the Duke of Weselton?
  • OLAF (!!!!!!!)
  • The counter-curse to the Spell of Shattered Sight
  • The reason why David & Snow always give up their babies
  • Exactly what Henry's real role in OUAT is

Image: Jack Rowand/ABC