"Fall" Comes To 'Once Upon A Time' Season 4, But What Could It Mean for the 'Frozen' Winter Wonderland?

The first half of Once Upon a Time's fourth season is coming to an end. There are only three episodes remaining in 2014, the first premiering on Nov. 30. The next episode is titled "Fall" — what could that mean for Once Upon A Time ? Is the Snow Queen going to discover that what she really likes is red and yellow foliage all along? Will Emma Swan discover pumpkin spice powers? According to the official ABC press release, "Mary Margaret and David rally the residents to prepare for the curse while Belle and the fairies work together on an antidote. Gold, with Hook as his reluctant servant, sets about an exit strategy of his own. Regina and Robin Hood ready themselves for the worst while, with the help of a locator spell, Emma and Elsa search desperately for Anna." Sounds like a lot of preparation for the big battle to come.

However, none of this so far has anything to do with "Fall." It's an odd choice of a title considering everything is Frozen this season. Considering the position that all of our Storybrooke characters are in, here are a few things that "Fall" could mean on Once Upon A Time.

In Every Season

Of course, this could be referring to the seasons. Typically, melting snow is associated with Winter. However, when you're dealing with magical snow, its disappearance could lead us right back to Autumn.


Fall comes before Winter, so perhaps the title is referring to the time before the Snow Queen and/or Elsa's arrival. We still don't know who owns the house where Rumplestiltskin found the Sorceror's Hat just hanging out on the table. We also need to know more about young Emma's time with the Snow Queen as her foster mother. What happened in the Fall?


One of the ways the word "fall" is used is to fall for a lie or fall for a trap. This sounds an awful lot like the Spell of Shattered Sight that's blasting its way towards Storybrooke from the Snow Queen's Fortress of Solitude. There is a lot of deception floating about that's bound to come to a head.

Kingdoms Fall

With the "Spell of Shattered Sight" on the horizon, Storybrooke might fall to the Snow Queen. That was the deal she made with Rumplestiltskin, anyway. The press release goes on to detail how Anna and Kristoff get into a bit of a pickle with Hans back in Arendelle. Perhaps Arendelle is in danger of "falling" to those sneaks of the Southern Isles.

We All Fall Down

Someone could fall off of a mountain, fall back from a fight, fall into a fortune or trip and fall. Snow falls and rain falls. Forget about the seasons, the temperature could fall and Storybrooke could get even more frozen. We also fall in love — that's the happiest outcome and it does relate to the Frozen themes. However, there are so many ships sailing around Once Upon A Time, I can't imagine there's anybody left!

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