How 'The Walking Dead' Fans Responded to Every Major Character Death

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As is par for the course of any episode of The Walking Dead, Sunday night's mid-season finale treated viewers to the death of a longtime high-profile character. This time around (and, obviously, spoilers lie ahead), the unfortunate party was the wide-eyed, good-natured teenager Beth Greene, daughter of the late Hershel and younger sister of Maggie. Kind of a heart-wrencher.

Our grief over the loss of Beth has me reminiscing, rather morbidly, over our former experiences saying goodbye to Walking Dead favorites. If we look back on all the major departures from the series’ five seasons, we’ll recall a variety of fan reactions to those losses. But which character’s death made us the most devastated, the most freaked out, the most sadistically gleeful?

In case you’re having trouble remembering, this gallery runs back through every Walking Dead casualty, recalling just what fans had to say in the wake of bereavement. Check it out, and relive the nightmares.

Image: AMC

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