Gabrielle Union Does Dwyane Wade's Post-Game Interview & 4 Other Times They Were the Cutest Couple Ever — VIDEO

There are certain couples I look to as relationship role models, and Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade definitely qualify under that category. If you haven't realized it, I'll excuse you. Unlike more high profile celebrity couples like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Union and Wade manage to duck under the spotlight more often than not, so if you're unaware of their magic powers of extreme cuteness, you get a pass this time. And after seeing Union take over Wade's post-NBA game interview on Sunday, I'm convinced they're more adorable than ever. Also, Union should probably do all of her husband's interviews from now on.

The interview starts off like any other sports-themed interview would — I imagine, anyway, as I do not make a habit to watch people who aren't Taylor Swift or a member of One Direction conduct interviews. Then, a few seconds into it, Union (and her totally Olivia Pope-esque hat) jumps in and starts answering questions for him. You know, as him. The best part comes at the end, though, when she weighs in with her opinion of his game.

"We'll talk about those free throws later," Union says with a slap on Wade's butt. "You did good for an old geezer."

This is hardly the first time Wade and Union have proven themselves to be the most precious couple ever. Get ready to be regaled with tales of the greatest love story ever told.

Their proposal? The best

When Wade popped the question last January, he created one of the most memorable moments ever, mostly because his sons were involved. The family went to check out the house they were building while it was still in construction, and while Union and Wade were upstairs, the Zaire and Zion — ages 11 and 6 — called up to Union. When she turned around, they were holding a sign that said "Will you marry us?" Seriously. This really happened.

And then, let's talk about the save the date video

Instead of sending postcards with engagement photos like a regular, boring couple, Wade and Union created this video — including themselves, in cartoon form — to ask their friends and family to save their wedding date. It also features their proposal, which Wade and Union capped off with a victorious high five.

Their Instagram uploads are super cute

Just about every picture of them together comes with an awesome caption and makes them seem like the coolest people ever. No matter how hard I try, I will never reach their level.

And don't even get me started on their wedding photos

Most beautiful bride ever. She looks like a cake topper! And I mean that in the most complimentary way possible.