Brit's New Song Is the Start of Something Big

Is Britney Spears following her own advice? Her new song "Work Bitch" has been released a day ahead of schedule because a poor-quality version was leaked online, and now, it seems like we're getting ever so close to confirmation that her Las Vegas concert residency is actually going to happen. The stars finally seem to be aligning for Spears, perhaps because she's, uh, working for it?

Her new tune is all about putting in the time, paying your dues, and earning your money. Britney Spears' "Work Bitch" lyrics go: "You wanna hot body/ You want a Bugatti/ You wanna Maserati/ You better work bitch!/ You want a Lamborghini/ Sip martinis/ Look hot in a bikini/ You better work bitch!" Produced by will.i.am, the song is a danceable track that also shares a surprisingly positive message about working, bitches.

And from the sound of things, it looks like Spears is practicing what she preaches. After rumblings and rumors that she was going to headline a Vegas show, TMZ reports that we're only a day away from legit confirmation. They estimate that her two-year contract with Planet Hollywood will pay her $310,000 a show, which adds up to over $15 million a year. She'll supposedly perform a 90-minute show every other weekend for 24 months — if she wants a Lamborghini, a Bugatti, and a Maserati, she knows she's gotta sing and dance for it. Literally.

Just, no twerking, mmk, Brit?

Listen to her new song: