This Couple Got Married on the New York Subway, and It’s Actually Kind of Adorable

Although the New York subway is many things, there probably aren’t many who would call it “romantic.” For one young couple, however, it’s all that and more — and, in fact, it’s so important to them that they chose to get married on the subway over the holiday weekend. Hector Irakliotis and Tatyana Sandler said their “I dos” on Friday, November 28 as the N train crossed the river between Brooklyn and Manhattan, and surprisingly, it wasn’t as twee or as annoying as you’d think it might be. It’s actually pretty adorable. Ready to get your “Awwww!” on?

Although Gawker called the subway wedding ceremony “baffling,” I think it’s anything but. It makes perfect sense for one very important reason: The N train — specifically the portion of it that runs over the Manhattan Bridge — holds a huge amount of meaning for the couple. Said Sandler to the New York Daily News, “I’m originally from Ukraine, and each time we’d come back here, I’d say to Hector, ‘It doesn’t feel like home until I see the skyline as we’re crossing the bridge.’ And he remembered that. He planned it out specifically so that we’d see the skyline as we were married.” I don’t know about you, but I think that’s all kinds of amazing. Not only is it proof that you don’t have to spend a bundle to have a memorable wedding — but moreover, it’s a perfect example of how to pull off a ceremony that’s totally unique to the couple tying the knot.

Here’s how it went down in six pictures; scroll down to watch the whole video:

Getting the Party Started

Itakliotis gave the train car fair warning when he boarded at Kings Highway, allowing those who didn’t want to get caught up in the ceremony to move to another car if they so desired. He handed out roses as he went, as well as offering forth the following explanation for what might look like insanity to some:

“You might be asking yourself, what kind of imbecile not only plans to hold his wedding on a train car, but does it on Black Friday? To which I would respond: Yes! I am an imbecile! But she seems to love me anyway, so I’m going to try to lock her in now while I can.”

Fair enough.

Here Comes the Bride

I love the dress: Simple, elegant, and with the perfect bouquet. A plus!

At the “Altar”

Because what else would make a suitable subway altar other than a train pole?

Exchanging Vows


The Rings

The bride and groom exchanged their wearable tokens of love with the view in the background. And then, at the exact right moment:

You May Kiss the Bride!

The wedding party then debarked at Canal Street and headed to a bar for the reception.

During the years in which I lived in Brooklyn, I took the N all the time — and the view really is stunning. I never got tired of seeing it; it, too, always made me feel like I was “home.” I can definitely understand how it could become so symbolic for a couple, so here’s one public wedding-related stunt I can actually get behind. Congratulations to the newlyweds — may you have many years of happiness ahead of you!

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