Who Is Brandon's Perfect 'Are You the One' Match?

by Jodi Walker

I know there haven't even been two full seasons of Are You The One? yet, but knowing there will probably be a few more to come, this Season 2 cast will surely go down in history as the worst players of this game ever. Their fretting over the 11th girl conundrum is ludicrous. I know she's sweet, but just pretend Christina isn't there. I mean, you can talk to her and stuff, but stop bringing her into the matching equation. Getting her out of the way does nothing special for the group at large, it just gets Christina a match. And yet, they can't stop focusing on her. They're just not big picture people, I guess. By Episode 7, I had made my best predictions for all of Are You The One? Season 2's matches, and now with Episode 8 I have a theory: figuring out who could be Brandon's perfect match is the key.

Now, that's not an outstanding thought; Brandon only has two potential matches left: Briana or Tyler. Once his match is confirmed, lots of other matches start to fall into place... or, at least, closer into place. For example, if Brandon matches with Briana, she can no longer be matched with Anthony, so Anthony would most likely be with Alex, taking Alex away from Garland, which would most likely match him with Jessica, and so on. Mostly, putting Brandon into the truth booth last episode would have gotten them a match no matter what: if he matched with Briana, they would be off to the honeymoon suite, and if not, they could have paired him up with Tyler from here on out, knowing it was a confirmed match without even having to waste another Truth Booth.

But they didn't put Brandon in Briana in the Truth Booth, they put in Christina. So, it might be up to us to figure out Brandon's perfect match...


OK, I've made my feelings about Christina's position in this game pretty clear by this point and we know that she's not Brandon's match, but the two are still totally hung up on each other. That's probably because they have a few things in common, including not being my favorite players. Don't get me wrong, Brandon is really good at winning challenges, and Christina is really good at convincing people that it's important to find her match, but Brandon varies between intolerable and "no, he must be faking that personality." But when you put the equations, and the match-makers, and the Bunim-Murray productions away, these two just like each other. Let them love (on the reunion, and not a second before).


Mathematically, Tyler is still and option to be Brandon's perfect match, and narratively, it's perfect... because she hates him. No one (except Christina) really seems to like Brandon because he likes to say things like "I'm the only one in this house with a degree" to a house full of people with degrees — Jasmine has two! — but no one dislikes Brandon more than Tyler. It would such wonderfully fitting dramatic irony for these two to be a perfect match on paper, but like oil and vinegar everywhere else.


I think Brandon's perfect match is Briana. No one was more surprised than me to find that they had a good time on their date last week, after Briana stating for the record a number of times over the season that she can't stand Brandon. But I also believed her when she finally told him what she thinks about him: "There's something more than what you put out." You keep clinging to that thought, Briana, and get your castmates to put you in the Truth Booth!

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