Withings' Activite Watch Is The New FitBit And Even Though It's Technically For Men, You're Gonna Want To Get Your Hands On One

The notion of women adopting menswear staples is by no means revolutionary, but every so often a design comes along which is so alluring, it demands to be poached. Fitness and health implement company Withings has debuted the Activite smart watch for men which may be the next incarnation of the boyfriend watch. And based on the watch's classic-meets-modern design and range of handy health-improving capabilities, you may just want to score this watch for yourself instead of your significant other this holiday season.

Founded in 2009, Withings offers its consumers healthcare technology products which aim to unite style and utility. A Smart Body Analyzer creates a complete picture of your weight based on Body Mass Index; the company's Smart Baby Moniter allows hands-on parents to communicate with and keep tabs on their child even from a distance; and the Withings Aura promises to track and improve your sleep patterns.

Therefore, it seems only logical that the Withings Activite would be similarly genius in its range of functionality, and consumers won't be disappointed. A set of Swiss dials adorn the watch's circular stainless steel-backed analogue face, and an unobtrusive calf leather strap fastens the watch to the wrist. The streamlined design belies a complex fitness-tracking system containing an alarm clock, swimming lap log, movement log, and sleep tracking. After a long day of work and play, consumers can access their data on the company's Health Mate app. A comprehensive chart of steps taken against the time when they were taken will keep users on their toes, and the Activite's sleep tracking function including hours of snoozing and depth of sleep makes it nearly impossible to feign a full eight hours when all you managed was three.

The Activite's myriad of functions gained the device two 2015 International CES Innovation Awards for “Wearable Technologies" and "Fitness, Sport and Biotech”, which frankly seems deserved given the watch's cleverness. At $450, the sold-out watch's monetary value matches its potential for major health improvements. But if you're going to submit your name for one waiting list this season, drop the Birkin obsession and opt for a watch that functions as beautifully as it appears.

Image: Withings.com