Guess Who's Going Naked To Fight AIDS

In honor of World Aids Day, which takes place today on December 1st to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS, artist aleXsandro Palombo has created an art project called "Hello Boys: Disney Princes go Naked Against AIDS," and it's exactly what it sounds like. The series depicts various Disney princes, like Aladdin and Hercules, wearing only their boxers, each holding a condom to promote safe sex practices that could prevent transmission of HIV, and by extension prevent AIDS. It's pretty awesome.

This isn't the first time artist Palombo has used Disney stars to convey an important message. In November, he created pictures of Disney princesses and other popular female characters like Marge Simpson and Lois Griffin with bruises, cuts, and blood on their faces as part of his campaign called #Coward, meant to raise awareness against and end femicide and domestic violence against women. His campaign #Stop had Disney princesses and other popular female characters with scars on their chests after mastectomies to show that women are beautiful after mastectomies and mastectomy scars. Needless to say, the images he produces are jarring and unexpected, which is precisely why they're so effective.

Check out some the images from Palombo's "Hello Boys" campaign below and then head to his blog, Humor Chic, for more awesome drawings and campaigns.

Images: Courtesy of Alexsandro Palombo/ Humor Chic