Stressed About Turning 30? Don't Be — Science Says It Could Be Your Best Decade Yet

Worried about turning 30? Cast that stress aside, friend. Huffington Post rounded up all the reasons why your 30s could be your best years yet, and things are looking up. Aging can be a scary thing. It seems that half of the world is perfectly OK with hitting the big 3-0, happily waving goodbye to an age range that excused Fireball-infused weekends, validated the fact that you'd never been promoted, and encouraged tequila shots at 10:30 in the morning. The other half is grieving the loss, equating the first 10 years after teenagedom with being young, vibrant, and carefree. If you happen to be a part of that second group, fear no more: your thirties could be the most successful and dynamic years of your life.

1. You'll finally get your career together.

While your twenties marks a distinct period of personal growth and development, your thirties is the decade when all of that growth sees fruition. As revealed in a analysis, women make the most money at or around age 39; about $60,000 to be exact. Take that as you will.

2. Your sex life could skyrocket.

An article written by psychologists Judith Easton and David Buss in Personality and Individual Differences revealed that women in their late twenties to mid-forties not only have more sex as a whole than younger women, but experience much more intense sexual fantasies than their teenage counterparts, who are traditionally seen as more wild and uninhibited.

3. You may very well have a crisis, but it'll lead to better things.

As I wrote here, research has shown that people turning ages that end with 9 are more likely to cheat, make major life changes, and generally question everything they're doing; it seems that as we're about to turn the big 3-0, 4-0 or 5-0, we thirst for ruckus. Evidently, that means a renewal of the oat sowing persuasion.

In your thirties, you might have a similar experience, or what we like to call a quarter-life crisis. Fear not, however, as studies have shown that most people do not reach true happiness until age 33.In contrast and quite surprisingly, just 16 percent of people say they miss the freedom of their childhood years, where as a meager six percent claim they'd like a renewal of the frivolous lifestyle that came with college.

It's difficult to say why exactly 33 is the magic number. It could be because we're just out of a period of thirties denial and have entered absolute acceptance, learning to appreciate the stability and comfort that comes with the third decade.

Fireball is, after all, a hell of a hangover.

Head over to HuffPo for more reasons your thirties will rock.


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