5 Things Lauren Graham's New 'Kate on Later' Character Should Take From Lorelai Gilmore

I can't even explain what level of caffeinated-happy I am that I don't have to live in a world where Lauren Graham isn't on my TV every week. Gilmore Girls and Parenthood fans unite, because Lauren Graham has a new show, Kate on Later , which she will cowrite with Ellen DeGeneres. The comedy series from Warner Bros. will focus on the lack of female hosts on late-night network television with Graham as a co-lead. Which only sounds like it might be the greatest thing of all time. But, while Graham just keeps getting better with her television roles, we'll never forget the great Lorelai Gilmore (mostly because we're all rewatching Gilmore Girls on Netflix) — especially now when Graham's new character could learn so much from her.

Lorelai might have done some questionable things in her lifetime (like not approve of Jess — ugh), but she was generally an awesome character. (OK, fine, not in the romance department but that doesn't matter.) She was single mom who praised and promoted independence, she ran her own business and raised a pretty great daughter (even though she, also, was terrible in the romance department), and she knew her way around a pop culture reference. All qualities that Graham's new character, Kate, should be inspired by as she sets out to break the final barrier for women — late-night television.

We don't know much about Kate's personal life — just that she's offered an opportunity that she's never dreamed of — but, even without that knowledge, there are still 5 important things Graham should borrow from Lorelai Gilmore for her latest role. Because, let's face it, Lorelai absolutely could've hosted a late-night TV show.

"Oy, with the poodles already!"

It'd probably make a great catch-phrase, just saying.

Don't Let The Haters Get You Down

Taylor was frequently the damn worst — like that time he did everything he could to discourage Lorelai from opening the Dragonfly. And, undoubtably, Kate will meet her fair share of haters and non-believers during her climb to the top of the late-night ladder. She'll have to stay strong and prevail, just like Lorelai.

Reference Pop Culture Always — ALWAYS

There's never a bad time for a pop culture reference — Lorelai knew that and Kate should too.

A Insatiable Craving For Coffee

Those late-nights will require caffeination. And a lot of it.

Quick & Humorous Recovery

People make mistakes on TV and in life, but it's how you recover that matters.

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