Lauren Graham & Ellen DeGeneres' Show About Women In Late-Night TV is the Perfect Side-Eye

Never did I dream that Lauren Graham's first post-Parenthood project would be this stellar. I had high hopes, of course: She's Lauren Graham, she's been places and she's going places. But it would be hard to be more thrilled at what Graham's next project is: A comedy produced by Ellen DeGeneres. Which Graham will co-write. And which will focus on the too-real glass ceiling of women in late-night comedy.

DeGeneres is really snatching up Parenthood's soon-to-be-alums: Graham's onscreen sister-in-law Monica Potter is set to star in another sitcom coming from DeGeneres' A Very Good Production. But it's this one that's already got my interest. Here's the rundown of the show's concept from Deadline:

[Kate On Later] centers on Kate (Graham) who thought her day job was all her life would amount to when an opportunity arises that’s bigger than she ever dreamed possible. But that opportunity means she’s going to have to break one of the last remaining glass ceilings — the world of late-night network television talk shows.

Graham will be co-writing with Liz Tuccillo, co-executive producer of a show I still mourn (the underrated Related from the '05-'06 TV season), writer of one of the most memorable Sex and the City episodes (the one where Carrie gets dumped via post-it), and more.

So let me get this straight: This is a show from women, by women, starring a woman (and a Gilmore Girl!), about women in late night. And it's not airing on a fringe network, it's in the works at NBC.

None of the big networks — NBC very much included — have been immune to the habit of leaving women out of their late-night line-ups. Just look at CBS' line-up of guest hosts set to fill the gap between when Craig Ferguson leaves The Late Late Show and when Jams Corden takes over: It's all dudes so far. So, so many dudes.

A show like this is awesome for a lot of reasons: Namely, Graham is one of the best non-comedian pics out there to play a comedian — have you seen her on talk shows? Lorelai Gilmore may have been a fast talker and a funny lady but trust me, she got a big ol' chunk of that from Graham.

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But it's also awesome on another level: This is one of the best side-eyes of network decisions I've seen from within a network show. This entire show is built around the concept that Hollywood is behind the times in allowing women entry into the late night network sphere. And so these ladies are busting in themselves. Maybe if we wish really hard it'll pave the way for more of them to take those late-night seats in real life.