Did Professor Zoom Kill Barry's Mom on 'The Flash'? "The Man in the Yellow Suit" Has a Lot To Explain

While The Flash continues to give more proof that Harrison Wells could be Professor Zoom, thanks to the DC comics, there is one truth that is already indisputable about this villain: Professor Zoom killed Barry's mom. For non-comic book readers, that is only the surface of Professor Zoom's villainy. His obsession with Barry Allen has barely been hinted at. Which isn't surprising since we have only seen him as a blur. But the upcoming Dec. 9 episode of The Flash , "The Man in the Yellow Suit," will pull back the curtain on The Flash's greatest villain by introducing Reverse-Flash, the other alter ego of Eobard Thawne, who is also Professor Zoom. Hopefully, it will also enlighten Barry as to why Thawne killed his mom in the first place.

In the comics, Professor Zoom's retconned origin can seem a bit messy, especially to people who aren't used to reading superhero comics. Time travel hijinks don't help much either. But a major aspect of the villain is his weird obsession with Barry. This leads him to do a variety of pretty creepy things, including but not limited to: traveling back in time to kill his younger brother, pretending to be Barry, and manipulating his past self. Dude doesn't need superpowers, he needs therapy. Most heartbreaking is Professor Zoom killing Nora Allen and Iris West. For fans of the show, don't worry about Iris! If her death happens at the hands of Professor Zoom, that is years down the line since it happens after she (finally) falls in love with and marries Barry.

The show has made it clear in its own way that Professor Zoom/Reverse-Flash is responsible for the death of Barry's mom. What we've seen of the night Nora Allen dies is the yellow suited Professor Zoom circling her at high speeds and maybe even a figure in red trying to stop him. The young Barry Allen witnesses his mother's untimely death, which affects his life tremendously from putting his father behind bars to causing him to embrace the unexplainable throughout his life.

If that's not enough, a recent article from Entertainment Weekly which interviews the major players of The Flash makes it clear that Reverse-Flash is responsible for the death of Nora Allen, who again, is the other alter ego of the man who is Professor Zoom. The article states, "confirming the horrible truth that [Professor Zoom] did, in fact, kill his mother will cause Barry to lose 'his mind a little bit,' Gustin says. 'Following that, we have a huge fight that we shot in the football stadium in Vancouver. That was huge.'" So, not only does Barry finally get confirmation on what he's suspected since childhood, but he gets to face the villain that has had such an impact on the course of his life. However don't expect Barry to get closure anytime soon. Professor Zoom is a villain that will be around for a while. And the show probably won't be revealing who's behind his mask anytime soon. But to me, it seems that Harrison Wells could be Professor Zoom.

Recently, we saw Professor Zoom threaten Joe West to have him stop investigating Nora's death shortly after having a confrontation with Wells. That cannot be a coincidence, since besides Joe and Barry, Harrison is the only one who knows Nora's case was reopened. Even more damning are the events of last week's episode "Power Outage," in which the show makes it clear that Wells' interest in Barry hinges upon his metahuman abilities, not his desire to help people. Wells' manipulations have gone from antihero territory to full-on villainy.

It'll be interesting to see if The Flash reveals Professor Zoom's identity to the audience before the characters on the show become fully aware of it. How long will it be before we know for certain who Professor Zoom is? Will Barry be able to find closure when it comes to his mother's death? How far will he go for revenge when he is finally face to face with Professor Zoom? We won't be getting all the answers in "The Man in the Yellow Suit," but we're definitely in store for an exciting episode.

Images: Jack Rowand/The CW; vetroci, theflashgifs/Tumblr