Can 'RHOBH' Brandi & Lisa Ever Be Friends Again?

It's been a long road for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars Brandi Glanville and Lisa Vanderpump. In Season 4 of RHOBH, Brandi lost one of her best friends, Lisa — actually, two of her best friends, since Ken, Lisa's husband, also vowed to not let Brandi back into his life. It was a devastating reunion to watch with Brandi on one couch sobbing about the loss of her "family," and Ken and Lisa on the other couch, apparently numb to the starlet's emotions. It seemed that they could never get back to where they were at the peak of their relationship, but now that time has passed and wounds have slowly started to heal, is it possible that Brandi and Lisa could become RHOBH 's best duo again?

The issues between Lisa and Brandi stem from a lot of deep, complicated feelings, some that probably have nothing to do with their relationship in the first place. First, Brandi felt betrayed by Lisa when Lisa befriended Brandi's ex-husband's (Eddie Cibrian) mistress (and Vanderpump Rules star) Scheana Marie. Throughout Season 3 and Season 4, Scheana and Brandi would "end up" at the same party, where they would inevitably confront each other. Brandi started to feel that as a close confidant, Lisa should choose her over Scheana — something Lisa said she wouldn't do. While I think that a lot of this is really because of Brandi's impression of Scheana, it is totally understandable that Brandi expects her BFF Lisa to not become a mother-figure in Scheana's life.

Another issue that Brandi had with Lisa was the feeling that Lisa would trick Brandi into doing her dirty work. This became present in Season 4, as Kyle Richards noted it and Brandi ran with. Is it true? Probably. But Brandi is a grown woman — who is very good about taking responsibility for her own actions — so using Lisa's "pep talks" that take advantage of Brandi's temper seems like a weak excuse.

So can these two become friends again, after all of that? Season 5 hasn't shown much yet about their relationship, but that is sure to change. According to E Online, in August, Lisa attended the housewarming party for Brandi's new home. That definitely seems like a step in the right direction. Then, fans of the show watch the Season 5 trailer and we see Brandi slap Lisa, and all thoughts of a reconciliation seem to go out the window.

But don't get too upset, because in November, Brandi said she loves the entire Vanderpump family, and while things will undoubtedly go down in Season 5 of RHOBH, time heals. So maybe there still is a chance for these two to make their friendship work. They've been through a lot, but at one point they were extremely close and those feelings don't go away so easily. Let's hope that this season will be kinder to their relationship than the past.