11 Celeb Sex Tapes You Didn’t Know Existed

Whether you like it or not, we live in a time where celebrity sex tapes are as common as an engagement or birth announcement. OK, maybe not quite... but some celebs have become infamous for their sex tape romps (ahem, Kim Kardashian and Colin Farrell) and have embraced the attention, while some stars prefer to keep those intimate moments private and have fought long and hard to keep it that way. I think that's great and all, but curiosity almost always kills the cat... and the Internet doesn't lie. Here are nine celebrities you didn't know had sex tapes.

Meg White

I don’t think there is anyone further to the "I doubt it" end of the of possible sex tape spectrum than Meg White. Which is stupid because we’re all human and emo girls need love too! It’s never been confirmed to be Meg White of the White Stripes in the alleged videos, but it doesn’t sound like it’s that exciting to watch anyway.

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Just a few weeks ago, word of an alleged sex tape of Usher and his ex-wife Tameka Foster started making the blog rounds again. The tape was apparently on a laptop that was stolen from Usher’s car back in 2010 but high profile lawyer, Mark Geragos, is on the case to find who is the owner of this stolen property.

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Jennifer Lopez

Although it seems to be mostly hearsay still, Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband Ojani Noa said to be in possession of several hours of intimate videos of the then-married couple. Jenny from the Block was not having any of that leak, and she’s been working hard to make sure none of the footage sees the light of day. Rumors are that there isn’t actual sex, just lots of booty, which you know is what everyone is looking for anyway.

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Rob Lowe

The original Zefron was a babe magnet back in the day, so it’s no surprise he’d have plenty of sexual exploits to explore in his youth. Back in 1988, Lowe had two tapes released of himself and several ladies. He seems to have only good spirits about it now, telling E!, “I have fond memories—fond, fond memories.” I’m sure you do!

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Kanye West

Seems like Kanye West and his lady love Kim Kardashian have more in common than we thought. Kardashian is the star of the biggest selling sex tape of all time, but Kanye has a tape of his own. Back in 2012, a cease and desist letter became public and seemed to confirm that West had a tape floating around (with a Kim K look-alike) and he was keen on not letting it out. His grip has remained tight so far.

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Tonya Harding

File this under “WE NEVER ASKED FOR THIS!” That sentiment can be applied to many of these amateur sex tape stars, but Tonya and Jeff’s Wedding Night takes the cake for most surprising celeb sex tape.

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Bam Margera

As a regular on the Jackass show, Bam Margera really has no shame in… anything. We’ve seen him do all sorts of disgusting things on the show, but he also didn’t hold back when making a sex tape. Margera had sex tapes with his ex-girlfriend, Jenn Rivell and Lyndsi Hughes, who was the fiancée of New York radio host Gregg “Opie” Hughes. WHOOPS.

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Gene Simmons

It’s no secret that Gene Simmons is one of the most recognized rock stars ever and he has taken advantage of that fact in more than one occasion. Although visions of his tongue might incite horror in some, his sex tape released in 2008 contained even more surprises, like an opening scene with Foreigner’s “I Want To Know What Love Is” blasting in the distance. How’s that for romance?

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Jessica Brown Findlay

You may be surprised to hear about this one, but unfortunately, Lady Sybil’s videos and nude photos were leaked at the same time as the compromising photos of various Hollywood starlets were released, against their permission.

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Tyson Beckford

Back in 2012, TMZ reported that they had a graphic tape of Beckford pleasuring himself during a video chat. Beckford doesn’t seem to think his sex tape is anything to write home about, saying, “Don’t even faze me. We all do it, just mine got caught on film… Male models don’t bring in a lot of viewers, it would flop like MMASM,” he says while taking a jab at his failed reality show, Make Me A Super Model. At least he’s honest.

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Leighton Meester

In June 2009, TMZ claimed to have a sex tape that they were hoping to sell. Meester went on record to Harper’s Bazaar to set the record straight, clearly stating that the tape was not real. Unfortunately, there are many grainy nude photos floating around that look an awful lot like her, so whether they’re from a sex tape or not still hasn't been proven.

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