Lana Del Rey's New Song 'Big Eyes' Teaser Is Hauntingly Beautiful & Classic Lana — VIDEO

Honestly, at this point, if Lana Del Rey were to release a new song that didn't seem synonymous with the word "haunting," I would feel deeply disappointed. It's her thing, really: I mean, "Video Games," "Born to Die," "Brooklyn Baby," "Young and Beautiful" — none of those songs can be described as anything other than "hauntingly beautiful" without lying. So, it's good to hear that Del Rey's new song does not seem to be deviating from the trend: A teaser for Lana Del Rey's new song "Big Eyes" has been released, and, as all songs from the singer are, it's...well, you guessed it. Hauntingly beautiful.

As previously reported, Del Rey recorded "Big Eyes" as the title track for Tim Burton's upcoming film of the same name, which is set to star Amy Adams as the artist Margaret Keane, and Chrisoph Waltz as her plagiarizing husband, Walter Keane. In addition to "Big Eyes" — which is set to play during the film itself — Del Rey also recorded the still unreleased track "I Can Fly," to play during the film's end credits.

Though this is only a preview, it does give us a good idea of what to expect from the song, as well as the film: With lyrics like "With your big eyes/ And your big lies/ Is it me, was I wrong to have trusted you," it's pretty much perfect for the tumultuous story of how Walter stole Margaret's paintings (which were of, mostly, doe-eyed children) and passed them off as his own. As a bonus, there are also some clips from the movie, albeit without dialogue.

Check it out below — Big Eyes will hit theaters on Dec. 25.