Where Will 'Mockingjay Part 2' Begin? It Should Start With the District 2 Take Over

Mockingjay Part 1 may still be in theaters (and it's totally tearing up the box office), but fans are already excitedly looking ahead to the next year and the release of the final Hunger Games film. So that gives us 12 months to speculate where will Mockingjay Part 2 start? [Spoilers ahead.] There was a lot of theorizing about where the first film would leave off, with many suggesting it would end as soon as Peeta choked Katniss.

In the movie it does seem to end there with everything going black. But then we're treated to one final scene of an injured Katniss wearing a neck brace and checking in on Peeta only to see that he's a completely deranged version of himself. He's beating his head on the pillow and attempting to break free of his restraints. It's clear that the frightening scene is hard for Katniss to witness, and the movie closes with her horrified expression as Peeta continues to thrash.

That part doesn't happen exactly like that in the novel, but a variation of that scene comes about 200 pages in when Katniss witnesses Peeta screaming that she's "a stinking mutt" and looking like a totally different person. So assuming they intend to pick the second film up shortly after that moment, here are a few theories about where Mockingjay Part 2 will begin.


Katniss can't handle seeing Peeta in the shape he's in so she begs to be put back in the battle as a condition of staying the Mockingjay. By this point the fighting is over in all the districts besides 2, so she asks to be sent there, and those in charge grant her wish. Logically this makes sense to start with this since it's the very next scene in the book. But it's not all that exciting of a moment so they might skip straight past her asking and start somewhere else.


As soon as they figure out that Peeta was hijacked, his medical team gets to work on counteracting the damage. Perhaps the film will open on a more positive note and show that efforts are being taken to turn Peeta back into the sweet person he once was.


Just a few chapters after Peeta's initial meltdown Johanna and Katniss finally get a scene together bonding in the infirmary after Katniss gets shot in District 2. Although I'm a staunch advocate for more Jena Malone scenes, I have a hard time believing they'll skip past the District 2 drama all together. But they could choose to move Johanna and Katniss' reunion up a little bit and have them meet before Katniss goes to District 2. I always thought it was weird in the book that Katniss skipped out before saying anything to Johanna until she got back, so maybe the opener will jumpstart their budding Mockingjay friendship prior to Katniss leaving.


Another lovely scene that definitely deserves to be in the final film. If producers want to cut out the District 2 stuff all together, and accelerate Peeta's recovery they can lead with this scene as it's the first time Katniss has hope for Peeta. She notices that he baked and decorated the wedding cake and part of her wonders if he still has his original self inside if he can still create such beauty.

Part 1 was so torturous to Peeta that it might be nice to jump straight to healing Peeta in Part 2. And if the movie wants to highlight the attack on the Capitol, it might cut out some of the in between stuff like Katniss getting shot in District 2 anyway.


My personal belief is that Mockingjay Part 2 will pick up with Katniss and crew trying to take the Nut in District 2. It's their center of command and the turning point in the war as it's when the Capitol loses the last hold on the districts. If the movie begins here it would only take a moment of explanation to express that Katniss couldn't stand to be in 13 with Peeta the way he was so she went to 2 to be useful. Then from there they can jump right into the action and also showcase Gale's ruthlessness. It's a critical moment in their relationship when Katniss sees that Gale doesn't care who dies if the rebels ultimately win. This scene is the perfect way to start the final film off with a bang.

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