11 'Mockingjay' Peeta Scenes We Can't Wait to See From Josh Hutcherson in 'Part 2'

The general opinion about Mockingjay Part 1 seems to be "That was so upsetting; I can't wait for Part 2." I feel their pain, especially when it comes to Peeta. For many he's a favorite character and fans didn't get enough of him in Part 1. That's why there are 11 Peeta scenes we need from Josh Hutcherson in Mockingjay Part 2, to make the year-long wait worth it. (And hopefully this time not every scene of his will be heartbreaking.)

I was so impressed with Hutcherson's acting in Part 1. I truly believe he deserves an Oscar for his work as hijacked Peeta. Hutcherson didn't have a lot of research to rely on to get into his role. But he managed to nail it anyway and his portrayal of the confused, angry, brainwashed Peeta was flawless.

He evoked so much emotion in everyone who saw the film (my bawling self included) and yet he was hardly even in the first part. Fortunately Entertainment Weekly reports that "Peeta’s even more of a focus in Part 2." Hopefully that means we'll get to see Hutcherson's spot-on portrayal in these 11 important Peeta scenes. [Spoilers ahead]


It's a big turning point in the novel when Katniss sees that Peeta has made the couple's wedding cake. For a moment it represents that not all of Peeta has been stolen by the Capitol. The movie can show us Peeta actually working on the pastry and I know Hutcherson can convey that feeling of possibility for his recovery.


I'm pretty disappointed that Part 1 neglected to show any of the torture the tributes underwent. It was a chance for the audience to see how cruel the Capitol is. Perhaps in Part 2 we can see some flashbacks of how Peeta was hijacked, so we can fully understand why he's so messed up.


I always felt a little bit like the first two books did an injustice to Peeta by putting him on a pedestal. He loves Katniss no matter what — how sweet of him, blah blah blah. But in Mockingjay, that part of him is stripped back and we get to see him be angry, sassy, and snippy for the first time. He challenges Katniss instead of rolling over and doing anything she wants him to, and this is important. If Katniss hadn't had the chance to miss the old Peeta and understand what it meant to be loved unconditionally, she never would have appreciated it. She needed to see that Peeta has flaws too for her to be truly comfortable with him and fall in love.


Peeta has some really heartbreaking lines in the book. There's that part when he realizes no one ever saved him for him, they rescued him because Katniss needed him; everyone was dedicated to Katniss. Then later during the attack on the Capitol when he realizes just how much he's changed. He even asks Gale to kill him so as to not put everyone else in danger. Josh Hutcherson is the master of the dejected expression and I know his acting will make everyone cry if they include those self-reflective parts.


Peeta's CGI-slimmed down body was distressing for multiple reasons. Mostly that he looked nothing like himself and it was totally creepy. I get that's the point, but still I didn't really like it and I want Part 2 to have a healthy-weighted Peeta again, please.


Remember when Katniss decided that the best way to break Peeta's mutt behavior was just to kiss him? It was epic in the book and if their Catching Fire kiss was any indication, Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson can sell the Mockingjay kiss too. Besides, it's a nice nod to the fairytale "true love's kiss" being able to solve even the worst of situations.


Peeta attacked Katniss wordlessly in Part 1, but I want to see their dynamic when he starts yelling at her and calling her a mutt. It's going to be sad, but also it's a defining moment in the book where we can see just how far gone Peeta is that they made him stop loving Katniss.


The movie didn't address the cyanide pills that Katniss' costume comes with. But hopefully it will in the second part, because it's pretty important. After she shoots President Coin she tries to take her pill and die but Peeta stops her. Katniss yells to let go but Peeta simply says, "I can't." Even after everything the Capitol did to him, he can't let her go because he still loves her. Excuse me while I wipe tears off my keyboard.


The ultimate payoff for every Everlark fan is that even though they're going to be put through the wringer for two movies, it ends up OK. Finally, finally Katniss tells Peeta she loves him. Except she does it in their own special way when Peeta asks, "You love me. Real or not real?" and she answers, "Real." Now that tool isn't for figuring out what atrocities happened to Peeta in the Capitol, it's about expressing their feelings for one another. They co-opted something horrible and turned it into a symbol of love.


Nobody asks Peeta to do this, he just decides that to remember Prim they're going to plant primroses by Katniss' house. It's truly the opposite of what Gale did: which was essentially kill Prim. Here Peeta is marking her memory because he knows it's what Katniss needs.


Fingers crossed the epilogue has well-done CGI aging so we can see Katniss and Peeta as parents in a new generation free from the Hunger Games and the Capitol stronghold. All I want is Everlark babies and proud papa Peeta.

Sigh. Mockingjay Part 2 can't come soon enough for Peeta fans everywhere.

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