5 Ways This Remake of Beyonce's "7/11" Video Is Almost Better Than the Real Thing — VIDEO

If your Thanksgiving was a total snoozefest, then the following video might induce a little bit of holiday envy or joy, depending on how you look at it. Either way, it's a clear-cut demonstration on how to appropriately handle being snowed in on a major holiday. First hunger sets in, then after sufficiently stuffing your face, boredom follows. By the time cabin fever arrives someone breaks out a bottle (or few) of wine and a video camera and voilà — you find yourself forming a shirtless dancing troupe called Boyoncé who remakes Beyoncé's epic "7/11" video.Seriously, this is like the best fan-made video ever. The number of times I've been tempted to twerk with a cup of alcohol while watching it is ridiculous, but it's far too early in the day for all that. (Or is it?) Anyhow, I managed to sit still long enough to analyze Boyoncé's meticulous take on Queen Bey's effortlessly flawless "7/11" video and I must say, the guys did it justice. I'm not insane enough to say it was better than the original but it's a pretty tight race here. The only way that Boyoncé's routine could possibly outdo Beyoncé's is if they were actually Beyoncé. Here's what almost made Boyoncé's vid better than the real deal:

Kale makes an actual appearance

Beyoncé wore a cute Kale sweatshirt in "7/11," but Boyoncé walks the walk by incorporating the actual vegetable in their flawless choreography.

They never drop that alcohol

OK fine, their cups are empty, but I trust that if they were filled with alcohol, there would be no spillage. Plus it says so right on the video caption, which reads: "*No kale was harmed in the filming of this video, and no, we did not drop that alcohol."

They use the foot phone in a hammock

Boyoncé out-foot phoned Bey by lying in a hammock instead of sitting on the floor.

There is an innovative use of lighting

I mean, it takes some unparalleled ingenuity to balance a lamp on a canister and a chair.

Their twerking skills are on point

Like most everything else in this video, their booty-shaking skills are almost on par with Beyoncé's. Still, Queen Bey should definitely be flattered by their attempts to imitate her moves.Watch Boyoncé's "7/11" remake in its entirety below:

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