7 Celebrity Sex Tapes You Can Watch Guilt-Free

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If you're a celebrity in 2014, it seems almost inevitable that if you take nude photos, they're going to be leaked. It's a really sad and even disgusting reality, but since the advent of social media and front facing cameras, more likely than not, anything you want to be kept private could be leaked. But even before Twitter and Instagram, there was still the very real risk of celebrity sex tapes leaking, and that probably isn't going to go away anytime soon.

While I'm probably not alone in thinking that it's incredibly disrespectful to watch a leaked sex tape, there's still the element of curiosity — and don't worry, there's a way to satisfy it without compromising your own morals. These seven celebrities either released their tapes of their own accord or are being compensated for their distribution, so feel free to watch away, guilt-free.

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